Donavan Barrett started Tae Kwon Do in hopes of becoming a ninja some day, but he didn't find his true passion for the martial arts until he was 16.  Even at a young age, Donavan loved to help people realize their full potential.  This is in part due to what his own Taekwondo Instructor, Grandmaster Dan Levenson, did to turn Donavan's life around.  Going from a shy little kid, to a confident and self-motivated young Entrepreneur, Donavan has seen first hand how one person can make a huge difference in someone else's life.  

Donavan then realized his gift to easily connect with others.  Being a martial arts instructor since the young age of 16, and eventually earning his 4th Dan, along with the title of "Master" at age 20, Donavan has had an ease connecting not only with his students in the dojang, but with people all around the world through his Instagram page, which has now grown to over 14,000 followers, along with his Youtube channel where he offers free tutorials, training videos, and vlogs which he uses to share his own journey so that people can see that he practices what he preaches.  

Donavan believes that the secret to reaching your full potential is to work hard, train smart, and feel good.  These are the driving principles behind his online coaching that he now offers in order to help people around the world realize their full potential not only as a martial artist, but as a person.